Arizona based makeup artist Erica Mendoza, Owner of June Pearl Beauty

“The number 1 rule to makeup? Wear whatever it is that makes you feel confident”

My love for makeup  started when I discovered and ‘borrowed’ my moms pink CoverGirl lipstick.  Whoa, whats up? Game changer. It was such a powerful moment. I had the biggest smile on, ready to go shopping, “someone take me to Paris. I am ready to conquer the world!”  I want to share that feeling with others. I want to bring out that confidence by enhancing ones own features, trying out that lipstick or eyeshadow you never thought you could pull off,  making you feel so beautiful on your special day! I am passionate about makeup because I get to help and connect with so many different people.

I began my professional career as a makeup artist working behind the counter for companies such as Bobbi Brown, M.A.C., and Chanel for over 13+ years combined. Working for those brands helped refine my skills as an artist most definitely. I customize looks based on what a client wants–from natural, everyday look to glam to the Gods!

One of my favorite things, besides painting faces, is educating clients. I created June Pearl Beauty initially as a blog in 2015 offering tips and tricks on all things beauty.  June being my birth month, Pearl being the stone for June, and Beauty just fit.  It is now the name of  the business I currently run offering makeup, eyelash extension and microblading services. I take great pride in my work and am forever grateful that I get to do what I love.  Thank you for choosing June Pearl Beauty.




Check out my 5 Faves Interview from arizonasfoothillsmagazine.com




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