ARIZONA’s Beauty Guru, Owner of June Pearl Beauty

Erica Marie Mendoza


Fast Favorites

Book: Little Women

Movie: 3. Selena. Sandlot. Suffragette.

TV Show: What’s that? Kidding. I guess New Girl when I catch it. Love Schmidt!

Guilty Pleasure: Watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. Never stop learning /picking up new tricks.

Time of Day: I would have to say evenings where everything slows down just a bit. Arizona sunsets. Going for a run at Tempe Beach Park. Dinner. Quietness. Snuggles. Removing of all of the makeup from the day.

Valley restaurant: The Mission. Always a good idea.

Annual Local Event: Phoenix Fashion Week. I get to doll up the gorge models backstage with MUZ Makeup and challenge my skills to create looks for the amazing designers that are part of the show… with a quickness I must add!

Thing about Arizona: The more I travel, the happier I am to call this place home. California almost got me but I cannot deal with that traffic. London was pretty amazing but put me in a car to drive and I would probably crash the car in 1 minute and 10 seconds. We are pretty spoiled here. Weather is great , everything is on a grid, Cost-of-living, and amazing tacos. What more could you ask for?


Erica’s Bio: I’ll keep it short and sweet like myself. Erica Mendoza of June Pearl Beauty. Who is she? Make up Artist and Beauty Blogger born and raised in Arizona. June Pearl Beauty is a blog offering tips, tricks, and thoughts on all things beauty. Over 13+ years of beauty experience working for Bobbi Brown, M.A.C. Cosmetics & Chanel. Became my own boss over a year ago. Love to travel, learn new things (starting school next week as a matter fact), passion for fashion, always willing to self-evaluate and change paths. I am a true believer that it’s never too late to start over!

Interview from AZFOOTHILLS  magazine’s 5 Faves

I find inspiration everyday and hope I can do the same for you!



photography by: Madeleine Schaffer / Check her out!

makeup by: me

Mobile: 281-826-9194


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